Erivelton Gualter

Erivelton Gualter

Automation and Control Engineer

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My name is Erivelton Gualter dos Santos. I am doctoral student at Cleveland State University. I am currently a graduate research assistant in the Control, Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory and I have been developing a new novel actuation mechanism with controllable stiffness and energy regeneration for prosthetic and exoskeleton application. As a briefly introduction about myself, I am an enthusiastic Automation and Control Engineer graduated from FEI University in São Paulo, Brazil. I have also studied at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo for three semesters. I have been working in the Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at FEI for 2 years programming robots to play soccer. My main tasks where relating to software development and mechanical and eletronic maintanance of robots. My last research project was related in studying ways to improve the life quality of disabled people through the improvement of power-assisted wheelchairs. My last internship experience was in the Google Summer of Code where I had the opportunity to develop a Interactive Tool for Single Input Single Output (SISO) Linear Control System Design tool for GNU Octave, also known as sisotool.

The goal of this website is to provide information about what I have worked on. Check some pictures below.

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Research interests include: Robotics, Control Systems, Machine Design, Simulation, Programming, Embedded systems for Automation and Control.