Erivelton Gualter

Erivelton Gualter

Automation and Control Engineer



Curriculum Vitae: (CV_EN.pdf) Resume: (resume_EN.pdf)

Updated on December, 2016

Erivelton Gualter dos Santos - (Short version)


PhD, Mechanical Engineering
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, USA
Research area: Energy regeneration in robotics, application to prosthetic legs and exoskeleton.

Bachelor of Science, Automation and Control Engineering
FEI University, São Paulo, Brazil
Major: Automation and Control Engineering
Cumulative GPA: 7.7/10.0

Related Coursework: Aerial Robotics, Computational Motion Plannig, Mobility, Introduction to the Internet of things and Embedded Systems, The Arduino Platform and C Programming, ROS robotic operating system.


Student Developer, Google Summer of Code 2018 under GNU Octave (May 2018 - August 2018)

Developed an Interactive Tool for Single Input Single Output (SISO) Linear Control System Design for GNU Octave, also known as sisotoolin Matlab.

RPA Specialist Intership, São Paulo, Brazil (March 2016 - Present)

Working with robotic process automation solutions. Creating best practices for operations. Consulting business for automation.

Roboticist, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory at FEI University; São Paulo, Brazil (February 2011 - July 2013)

Responsible for the software that controls robots to play soccer. The main software was built in C++ programming language. Assistence for mechanical and eletronic maintanance of the robot.

Teacher Assistant, FEI University; São Paulo, Brazil (February 2011 - December 2011)

FS1110: Physics I.
MA2121: Differential and Integral Calculus II.

Machinist & Mechanic Apprentice, SENAI, São Paulo, Brazil (May 2007 - December 2008)

Manufacture high precision "prototypes" using conventional and Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine tools; such as: lathes, grinders, mills, drilling presses, and computer numerical controlled machines.


  • Software: Matlab; Simulink; Autodesk Inventor; Autodesk Autocad 2D/3D ; NX 8.5.
  • Programming Languages: C/C++; Java; Python; HTML/CSS/JavaScript; Git; VHDL; Lather logic.


  • Prouni Scholarship at FEI University - 2010 - 2016
  • Scholarship Science without Borders at Western Michigan University - 2013 - 2014
  • Dean’s List at Western Michigan University – 2013
  • 2nd placed - Olympiad of knowledge– 2009
  • Certificate of High Scholarship at SENAI - 2008

Team Awards

  • 1st Place in SmallSize league - Brazilian Robotic Competition 2013
  • 1st Place in SmallSize league - Latin American IEEE Robotics Competition 2012
  • 1st Place in SmallSize league - Brazilian Robotic Competition 2011