Erivelton Gualter

Erivelton Gualter

Automation and Control Engineer


Robot Soccer

In my first year at college, I joined to the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics laboratory to develop robots with the ability to play soccer. The project started in May of 2013 with the goals to join in II IEEE Student Latin-American Robot Competition. A long the time, many students passed for the laboratory and gave a piece of improvement. I had the opportunity to work with Professor Flavio Tonidandel for 2 and a half-year developing the software of strategy.

The main goal of this project was to develop robots able to play soccer in a competition with multi-agent system. There are three main competitions: Brazilian Robotics Competition, Latin American Robotics Competition and RoboCup. The robot soccer game is composed of two teams of six robots each and an orange golf ball. There are two cameras to provide the position and orientation of the objects on the field. The robots autonomously decide what to do, which position to go, and what trajectory it should follow.

For the most time during this research, I developed the strategy in C++ language programming. First of all, I spent some time learning the structure of the software. Then, I fixed some basic main function, as some issues in the trigonometry library. Working in this project, I could learn and specialize in the object-oriented programming and data structure. I could apply the knowledge I gained in other task to improve the pass system of the ball, choosing the intensity of force to kick the ball and selecting the best player to pass the ball.

Competitions that I participated


Team Description papers

  • RoboFEI TDP: for the Robocup 2013
  • RoboFEI TDP: for the Robocup 2012
  • Research Report

  • Sistema de Passe para o Futebol de Robôs, 2013
  • Videos

  • Testing some moviments (May, 2013)
  • RoboFEI SSL- RoboCup 2013 - Qualification Video (02/28/2013)
  • RoboFEI SSL - RoboCup 2012 - Qualification Video (02/23/2012)