Erivelton Gualter

Erivelton Gualter

Automation and Control Engineer


Business Projects

A couple of friends and I are, who are all engineering students, share an apartment together and spend all day long thinking about engineering and are obsessed with researching and creating new projects. For this reason, we come up with ideas where we can work together in a small project just for fun, along with discovering new engineering abilities in ourselves.

The first project we chose was to develop a different way to teach Matlab. We realized that the method of teaching used by Matlab was not effective in the class. It happened because we had Matlab classes in the begging of college and when we really needed to use this tool to apply in some courses, most of the students were confused how it should be applied.

Therefore, we created an account on Github called Programmers For Engineer,. The first, course in this page will be Matlab for Engineers. However, we want to spread for other programming languages such as C++, Java and Python.

The way we are preparing the classes is in a dynamic environment, where students can learn Matlab and use physics concepts to practice the topics that they have learned in class.