Erivelton's GSoC 2018


The Interactive Tool for Single Input Single Output (SISO) Linear Control System Design let you design SISO controllers for feedback system modeled in GNU Octave.

Currently, it presents the following functionalities:

Following are the absence functions:


To get the latest updates as they come, install sisotool from git. To download the repository execute the following from the command line:

git clone

To update to the latest version, go into your repository and execute:

git pull origin master

Open GNU Octave and go to the folder octave-control/TARGET. Then, run the following commands to install:

pkg install control-3.1.0_gsoc.tar.gz

Run sisotool

After installation, you need to load the control package and finally run the sisotool as following:

pkg load control


If you have a question about installation or sisotool in general, feel free to contact myself. In addition, Octave mailing list is an excellent source of community support.

If you think there’s a bug or you would like to request a feature, please open an issue ticket.

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