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Second Evaluation - week 8

July 06, 2018 — under ,

So, here is my last post before the second evaluation. If you have been following my blog or the octave blog, you know that the purpose of this google summer of code project is to create an Interactive Tool for Single Input Single Output (SISO) Linear Control System Design. Also, well-known as sisotool in matlab control system desgin toolbox.

Since my last evaluation results on June 15th, it has passed 3 or 4 weeks, counting the evaluation week. In the meantime, I was able to code a significant work about Edit Controller Windows. It resulted in two posts. The first post was regarding the evaluation week as well as my mentorsĀ“ feedback and the actions I took from it, such as improving the coding comments, software documentation, and adding menu functionalities for all interfaces. Lastly, the second post was an introduction to the Edit Compensantor Dynamics, as you can go over in the following links:

This last week I have continued working on Edit Compensantor Dynamics to which I added more functionlities. Now the user is able to:

Here is a video where I explain how to install/run and use the sisotool:

The tool is already entirely suficient to desing a compensator. With the help of the adding/dragging fuctionlity, we can adjust the controller to the desired performance. Additionally, we can use the Edit Compensator Dynamics to enter with the desired point.

Next Steps

For the next steps, we have the following list of tasks:

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