Erivelton's GSoC 2018


I'm Erivelton, but you can call me Eri. I am from Brazil and I have been living in USA since August 2017 for my PhD in Mechanical Engineering.


I am an Automation and Control Engineer (Also, known as Mechatronic Engineering worldwide) graduated from FEI University in São Paulo, Brazil. I have also studied abroad at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo for three semesters. I have been working in the Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at FEI for 2 years programming robots to play soccer. My main tasks where relating to software development and mechanical and eletronic maintanance of robots. My last research project was related in studying ways to improve the life quality of disabled people through the improvement of power-assisted wheelchairs. For my senior project at college, I built a Powered Wheelchair controlled by EMG Signals. Now, I am working with energy regeneration applied to prosthetic legs.

Currently, I am a first year Doctoral student in Mechanical Engineering at Cleveland State University. I work with Dr. Hanz Richter in the Control, Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory. I am interested in general field of robotics, mainly applications for the human assistance. Also, I am enthusiastic about electronic, programming and building parts.

Other Interests

I try to spend my free time on my hobbies. I love to do handmade stuff (thankfully for my mother who is naturally an artist), I like hiking, I am a beginner in running and yoga and I am a volunteer at Ohio City Bicycle.

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