Erivelton's GSoC 2018

Geeting closer to the First Evaluation - week 3

June 03, 2018 — under ,

First Evaluation period is around in the corner. As was proposed on my first post of my timeline, the work I have been doing is on time.

For this past week, I added some functionalities to the Root Locus Editor. This time, the user can add: real poles, complex poles, real zeros and complex zeros for the plant. Therefore, with the current sisotool update we already can design a suitable controller. The pending tasks for this week are the dragging functionality which is not difficult to solve. I already solved this problem in my proposed code for the GSoC which can be found here: So, I would like to invite you to try the work I have done by executing the following few lines of code:

git clone
cd octave-control
make install

Run Octave, add the control package and open sisotool by running:

pkg load control
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